Notice Corner

Notice Corner is the Anagram of ReCORNection. I can’t help it, I love words! It is the name I wanted to give to this space where I will tell you about my recent activity.

Here are a few events I wish to keep here:

-The birth of My Children’s Book Series: The Dreamtime Cats, which will take its readers into a whirlwind of adventures thanks to Spanish cats whose dreams are full of wonder!

-My translation from French into English of a novel by Cameroonian author Clavaire Elanga.

-My translation into Spanish of a book by Dr. Gregory Cajete, whose thoughts, together with the teachings of Robert Mirabal regarding Corn, have greatly inspired the name of my business / website as well as the caption I have chosen as the motivation behind this new path I am on, through ReCORNection.

-My participation in “Earth Now: A Fiber Show of Hope” at the TORTUGA GALLERY in Albuquerque, with some of my corn husk dolls (muñecas de la memoria).

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