Torn Cicerone: NM & I Tours

~ Cicerone is an old term for a Guide ~

…And “Torn Cicerone” is, of course, an anagram of “RecoRnectioN”. This adjective I have chosen gives away the creative dilemmas that arose from under my tour guide’s hat in New Mexico. For years, I took foreign languages students in the streets of Granada, Spain, where I would offer thematic, bilingual tours of the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city for them to learn about the Jewish past, the Moorish heritage or the Christian traditions, to name but a few, while they were practicing their foreign language skills. For years, also, I came to New Mexico, first on holidays, to see if it tasted like I had imagined when I first discovered the State in books, mainly taken by the literary hand of  local writer Rudolfo Anaya.

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Now that I was blessed to live in the Land of Enchantment, (yes, I am using THE cliché because it is fully deserved!), I found myself torn in front of so many cultural treasures and ways to share them with visitors or residents alike. Possibilities were endless, and I needed to find an original way to invite you to recoRnect with the sense of place, from my favorite spot on Earth. Looking for ideas in the clouds and answers in adobe walls, I heard a suggestion from Spirit. I was told to give you a key to open the door to seeing New Mexico in a new light. I have decided to present what I believe is a unique approach to cultural tours, which enhance the knowledge of the place with a “bonus”. Instead of being a passive listener and follower, I invite you to play a very active role in your (re)discovery of daily magic “à la New Mexicaine“, as I take you by the hand to develop your capacity to  listen to the whispers of your surroundings, and to recognize AND CREATE beauty. Organized around four thematic axes with different facets –Foreign Languages (French and Spanish), Intercultural Dialogue, Fiction Coming to Life and Creative Writing‘NM N’ I’ TOURS will enable you to rekindle the embers of a warm relationship with sounds, sights, tastes, feelings, and likes, all this in this unique place which is beautiful New Mexico! Stay tuned to discover the details of these four unique packages very soon!

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