Wizardville, September 11th, 2099, 5AM “Take me hoooome!!!” Ama shouted, panting from the dream sensations. On the dawn of her 43rd birthday, she would have preferred to ride “Unique Corn” instead of “Night Mare”. The fight between the oneiric horses had always existed in the psyche of all living beings. The mare had long, curly, … Continue reading AMA’S DREAM

ULTIMA, I’ll (owl) choose you first

Under a waning moon crescent, four days before the New Moon (who shares her initials with New Mexico...), I heard an owl calling in the dark for the first time since I live here. I did not think of it as a bad omen, as some might because of the Mexican saying “Cuando el tecolote canta, el indio muere” (When the owl sings, the Indian dies). I consider myself a positive person, but I have also learned to appreciate both sides of the coin, flip and all, and both aspects of all beings, who need light AND shadow to be complete. Furthermore, I choose the Greek approach to owl, companion of the Goddess Athena / Minerva (and so many more since "all the Goddesses are one Goddess" according to Dion Fortune), therefore I see wisdom in the bird's presence. And how can you bring light if there is no darkness, or bring life again if there's no death? The owl is also associated with the Egyptian Goddess Isis, who brough Osiris back to life and gave him a son-bird associated with the Sun: hawk-Horus, while Osiris would reign from the Underworld. Some say that this aspect of Isis turns her into Black Isis, and also in an avatar of Lilith, or is it in reverse? The thing is, darkness is where a seed spends the most important part of her life, buried, preparing for the Spring when it is time to pierce the Earth and blossom...


Here below, written in turquoise, the beautiful color of New Mexican skies, is the beginning of another post, on another blog, called "On a New Path". Unbeknownst to me when I had started it, it was also the beginning of a wondrous, although very real journey...