The Teacher’s Corner

Given my website’s name, should I call this space The Teacher’s Corn…Her?

Maybe it is wiser to stick to regular English spelling for this virtual corner, although I love to play on words. Words are an essential part of the learning experience, as is playing. This is why I will do my best to offer in this section attractive content intended for literally everybody: teachers, homeschoolers, or people just willing to find different ways to learn and think about the world.

When I was a Professor, teaching at four different Universities both in Spain and New Mexico, my joy was to connect with students through personal material adapted to the student’s tastes and inspired by our world’s events. My main focus was to privilege intercultural approaches.

I am no longer part of any University nor do I wish to be, mainly because of a personal curiosity that led me to discover a new me, much more in touch with my artistic and creative being. However, leaving the teaching sphere does not mean that one leaves the teacher’s heart behind. As the saying goes, once a teacher, always a teacher. After several years of hiatus, today I wish to offer my 20+ year-experience in the teaching field to whomever would look for alternative and creative ways of learning. I will offer content on an occasional basis, letting my heart guide me towards what might be necessary in our current society, whose challenges sometimes feel daunting.

The main goal of the content presented here will be to offer learning tools enabling students to think about this current world in a personal, holistic and creative manner, mainly in the sphere of social studies, humanities and languages. The different topics will be added in the drop-down menu of The Teacher’s Corner, and hyperlinks to these teaching resources will be listed below. Sometimes exercises will be linked to texts appearing in the blog of this website, to former websites created when I was still an active professor, or to other material found on the World Wide Web. The 6 categories of the study questions I will propose will be directly recognizable in the list of questions by a picture related to each subject:

This new adventure fills my heart with hope and joy; may your hearts resonate too!


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