Sunny Moon over the Alhambra

The she-cats Caramel and Lilith feel lonely because their “hu-mom” Nannie is far away from home. The two cat sisters spend time sleeping and dreaming, and they talk to Nannie telepathically in their dreams. One day, Caramel finds a wooden cat pendant with special powers, capable of lifting the veils between worlds. From then on, the cats will be taken into a whirlwind of Dreamtime adventures that will reveal many secrets to them. Caramel and Lilith will discover hidden magic in the walls of the wonderful Alhambra, the Moorish Palace of Granada chosen by friendly ghosts as the perfect set for the cat sisters to start their initiation into magic and mystery.

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What did you like about this episode “0”? Who is your favorite cat? Have you an idea of who the mysterious lady “IS” could be? Let me know in a comment below!

…………….SPOILER ALERT!………………..

Here are two videos related to the post-reading activities of this episode.
Read the book before checking out these videos, which contain info from the first story!

For the Artist in ❤ you ❤


For the Language Lover & Geography Geek in ❤ you ❤


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