One Name, Many Souls

In the “episode zero” of The Dreamtime Cats, the she-cats Caramel and Lilith discovered that their former room-cat-mates, Sam and Chloe, who crossed the rainbow bridge, STILL LIVE on a special island in the middle of a rainbow sea. Thanks to a vivid dream in common, they understand that all of them can meet in the realm they reach in their sleep. Their first adventure together happened thanks to a magical wooden cat pendant that was able to summon back Sam and Chloe from across the veil between life and so-called death. Before the two visitors left for their rainbow island, the four cats were about to discover the identity of a strange lady clad in mist and veils. All they know so far is that her name starts with ‘IS’. In the current episode, The Dreamtime Cats will take a new adventurous journey to finally meet her, together with three other ghosts. The four ladies from the past will be reunited for their own well-being and also the present well-being of the city of Granada, through the cleansing of their heart and soul wounds…

…………….SPOILER ALERT!………………..

Below are three videos related to the post-reading activities of this episode.
Read the book before checking out these videos, which contain info from the story!

–For the craftsperson and the philosopher in ❤ you ❤

-For the language lover, poet and artist in ❤ you ❤

-For the musician and translator in ❤ you ❤

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