The Dreamtime Cats

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I believe cats to be spirits that come to earth.
A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud
without coming through. (Jules Verne)


When humans and animals speak the same heart language, they can also communicate through their thoughts and dreams, even when they are thousands of miles apart.

Once upon a time, although not too long ago, two “she-cats” lived in the Kingdom of Spain. Their “hu-mom”, a human mother named Nannie, was away somewhere, building a real-life dream for them all, and they missed each other very much. Many times, when Nannie’s cats were asleep, they would feel her tip-toeing in their dreams, to let them know she was ok. She wanted them to feel confident that soon they would be reunited. Somehow the cats heard her, while dreaming in the house emptied of its original human being. She had sent other kind humans to take care of her kitties, but the cats wanted to see their favorite “hu-mom” again soon. So Nannie thought of a way to entertain her cats while she was away from them, using her heart’s voice to reach out to them, and a special wooden pendant in the shape of a cat… The residence of the two “she-cats” was a big, beautiful house in front of a big, beautiful snow-capped mountain, in a little village near Granada. Granada, located in southern Spain, is home to the Alhambra, a Moorish Palace built many moons ago.

Discover the Dreamtime Cats’ Universe of Nathalie aka Nannie!

Sunny Moon over the Alhambra (episode “0”)
& One Name, Many Souls
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images author's picture dreamtime cats

Nannie, aka Nathalie Bléser, was born on Apr. 14, 1971 in Verviers, Belgium. As far as she can remember, there were always cats around her. The first she-cat who chose to share her life with Nannie’s family for a while was a black beauty who answered to the name “Nic-Nac”.  In Belgium, “nic-nacs” are cookies in the shape of either letters, or gears with a white, pink or yellow meringue “iced gem” on top. “Nic-nacs” were usually found in the huge bag of… St Nick (duh!), when he visited every Belgian child´s house on the night of December 5th. In Nannie’s dialect, Walloon, “Nic-nacs” have the exact same sense as their English counterpart: “stuff”, trinket, bibelot or curio. Curio…usly enough, “losing one’s nic-nacs” is a Walloon expression which means that you have lost it or gone nuts! (I am seriously thinking of customizing the English expression, trading nuts for nicnacks!). So, should I say that “dja pièrdou mès nic-nac” (Walloon for “I have “gone ‘nick-nacks’”) to embark on this writing journey? I certainly hope so, because I am also a huge fan of the Cheshire cat and his buddy the Mad Hatter, haha! Now, seriously, when Nannie was seven, she was on a vacation in southern France, where she kept herself busy drawing, writing poetry and making clay cats, while sporting the magical wooden cat pendant that appears in The Dreamtime Cats, and she did lose her Nic-Nac. Her she-cat decided that seven, the age of her little hu-mom, meant the end of a cycle. It was time for the cat to discover the whole wide world for herself, so she vanished in the heart of a cornfield. Today Nic-Nac the cat has emerged from behind a corn stalk, wrapped in the mist of time, meowing at the door of Nathalie’s right brain. The “cookie gears” behind the she-cat name activated a mechanism in Nathalie’s mind to convince her to go back to those blessed times of childhood and reclaim her inner child, retaking the storytelling endeavor left somewhere in her psyche… What better way to “recoRnect” with such important activity than through children’s books, tapping into blissful creativity? “Tap” was the name of one of the two fiction doggies of Nannie’s favorite bedtime story. She liked it so much that she would not allow her mom to change one single word of it, repeating the story by heart if mommy “dared” to take a reader’s poetic license. Nannie also learned to read “ahead of time”, maybe using nic-nac letter cookies to copy the words deciphered in her very first book! Tap and his dog buddy Tip were born from the pen of Belgian author Raoul Cauvin, in 1971, the same year Nannie was born! These are enough signs for Nathalie to interpret the reappearance of the fictitious animals in her life as a wink from destiny, telling her that she is ready to call herself a children’s writer. She and her Dreamtime Cats hope you will enjoy the ride!

nic nac(Wikipedia Image perfect to illustrate Nannie’s mental universe!)

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